HIT Festival Nov 2019



Twilight Milongas offers Argentine Tango Dance Events in Hatfield, & Tango Tea Dances in St Albans


Our monthly TANGO SUNDAY Twilight Milongas attract a large gathering of dancers from near and far. These are normally on a Sunday once a month in Hertfordshire.

OUR NEXT Twilight Milonga is on SUNDAY 22nd September 2019.

Our remaining 2019 dates for Milongas are:     22nd September, 20th October.

Also see the Tea Dance page for our special and extended Tea Dance on 14th September 2019 with Graciela & Diego!


OUR HIT Festival includes 4 Milongas over the weekend 8th/9th/10th November 2019

Our SPECIAL end of year ARGENTINE TANGO EVENT (HIT Festival) takes place on 8th/9th/10th November 2019

see details on HIT Festival page.



TWILIGHT MILONGAS monthly SUNDAY DANCE - Onslow St Audrey's School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK



TWILIGHT MILONGA - Sun 22nd Sept 2019

Twilight Milonga's monthly SUNDAY Traditional Milonga - Argentine Tango Social DANCE


All Argentine Tango dancers are welcome to our monthly Sunday Twilight Milonga.   Sunday 22nd Sept 2019 in  Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Doors open 3.45pm. £12 entry on the door - no need to book in advance.

4 hours of Social dancing wih DJ Barry Leadbetter - 5pm to 9pm

1  hour Salon Tango Class with Beto Ortiz - 4pm to 5pm

 light buffet, hot refreshments, chilled water

free on-site car parking

Great Dance Hall -large smooth woodene floor, plenty of seating, professional sound system, mood lighting, cooling fans, access to paved garden. 

 You may purchase chilled soft drinks or BYO alcohol.  Easy access location from London, the Home Counties. A short walk from Hatfield BR Station.

Twilight Milonga Programme: 22nd September 2019


Doors open 3.45pm - £12 on door.

4pm to 5pm -   friendly one hour Argentine Tango class for all (sorry not suitable for absolute beginners) with Maestro Alberto Ortiz.

This relaxed session is popular with all as a great warm-up and opportunity to embrace each other.

5pm to 9pm - DJ Barry Leadbetter - playing golden era music, in tandas with cortinas


4pm to 9pm - help yourself to hot refreshments and chilled water

6pm to 8pm - light buffet

4pm to 9pm -  Guest Stands - in Lobby & close proximity:

for feet..

Alan Chai reflexology 20 min sessions (book on front desk)


 Balanceo Tango Shoes


Bahar Tango clothes


22nd September 2019 - Sunday Twilight monthly Milonga ... friendly vibe encourage all dancers, from far and near to enjoy and meet up with each other.  Our monthly Sunday Twilight Milongas are known for their relaxing ambience.  Please feel free to dress for elegance.

We wish for everyone to enjoy themselves, whether their personalities are introvert or extrovert! Remember, not everyone is the same. We only ask you to come with RESPECT for everyone, the music, the floor, yourself, your partner.

 You can support this ethos by coming to our Dance with a good attitude and a positive hope for the event.  You can also help by letting the outer line of dance flow freely, without dancers overtaking or stepping back into the line of dance. (We have plenty of space in the centre of the floor for those who prefer it). Please try to avoid walking on the actual dance floor if you are not dancing, whilst the music is playing! (We have room & circulation space behind our seating/tables)

Music - Traditional Argentine Tango, milonga & vals music, from the "golden era" , played in tandas with cortinas by specialist DJ Barry Leadbetter - who is one of the UK's most respected licensed Argentine Tango DJs. 

Culture & Ethos: The Cabeceo - eye contact & a nod of head - is used to signal the offer & acceptance of dances to avoid pressure & embarrassment. Of course, you can use your own judgement, but even close friends seem to appreciate this consideration.

And remember.. leaders....the Cabeceo is ALSO used to "ask permission" to join a moving dance floor too..... all adds up to a beautiful Tango Community.

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